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Cutting Emissions at Source - COP 19See Paperpdf


 By means of the OGE&EE project overall emissions can be reduced by approximately 800,000 tons CO2 per year.                                                                                   


Oil & Gas OGE&EE ProjectSee Paperpdf


By phasing the OGE&EE Project it is virtually "cash flow neutral"; in other words, the new investments are financed by the savings of the projects that have been put into operations.


Bringing Energy Efficiency to EcuadorSee Paperpdf


"There is no green oil for which a customer is willing to pay a premium or black oil for which there is no market".                                                                                            


Joint Responsibility and Commitment towards Sustainable EnergySee Paperpdf


Real energy efficiency is not the result of advertizing efforts but can only be obtained through real monetary commitments.                                          


Energy Efficiency Upstream of Jet Fuel Letter Richard BransonSee Paperpdf


Contrary to the airline industry the oil industry is generally not geared towards energy efficiency.                                                                          


Creating Sustainability in a Non Renewable Energy EnvironmentSee Paperpdf


Upstream activies in the oil industry are perceived as definitive activities with a limited horizon whereby investments are assumed to end up as standed assets.


OGE&EE Project SummarySee Paperpdf


Unless you define the baseline and measure and report your status the changes of improvements are very slim.                                                               


Overcoming Persistent Challenges to Gas Flare ReductionSee Paperpdf


Oil Companies do not perceive Energy Efficiency as detrimental to their survival.