marketingMarket / Product Development


• Business Developer (Project Specific).


       i)    Project "Fit" Analysis (Unique Selling Position).

       ii)   Competition Analysis.

       iii)   Strategic Partner Analysis.

       iv)   Project Risk Analysis.

       v )   Proposal Strategy and Preparation.

       vi)   Contract Negotiations / Technical, Legal / Contractual (optional).

• Market Development (Market Specific - Product  or Geographic Area).


       i)    Product "Fit" Analysis (Unique Selling Position).

       ii)   Competition Analysis.

       iii)  Strategic Partner Analysis.

       iv)  Product Risk Analysis.

       v )  Business Cases.

       vi)  Contract Negotiations / Technical, Legal / Contractual (optional) .

• Project Management.


       i)    Personnel that complies with required profile for Project Management (Project Director,

             Operational Manager, Technical Manager, Planning / Administrative Manager).

       ii)   Work Plan incl. Project Scope Validation, WBS, Resource Planning, Project Schedule,

             Project Budget, Project Cash Flow.

       iii)  Contract Strategy, Planning and Implementation .

       iv)  Periodic Report .

       v )  Final Result in terms of Project Implementation (time and money) .