A Program is a group of related projects sharing a comon theme managed in a coordinated manner to obtain benefits and taking advantage of each others results. Over the past eight years (2007-2015) POWER LATIN AMERICA (also know as PLA) identified the opportunity (conceptualized), managed and implemented a radical change in the energy matrix of the Ecuadorian Oil Industry through the OGE&EE (“Optimizacion Generacion Electrica & Eficiencia Energetica”) Program, jointly with PETROAMAZONAS EP.


After a thorough in-depth grass root analysis, and based on extensive experience and feedback from projects implemented by PLA in previous years, POWER LATIN AMERICA developed the “Plan de Desarrollo OGE&EE 2013 – 2017” which was approved by government authorities on the 22th of August 2013.


The OGE&EE program, as laid out in the “Plan de Desarrollo” (Business Plan), consists of 120 integrated projects covering an area of approximately 25,000 km2.


The OGE&EE program (all the 120 projects) were divided in the following categories:

  Power Generation

  Power Distribution

  Fuel Handling

  Waste Heat Recover

  Research and Development R&D.


 The following information presents our experience and results on managing integrated programs of projects:




Increase nominal installed
(distributed power with > 20 power generation facilities).
324.06 MW


Additional capacity installed
up to December 2014.
173.16 MW


Under construction
up to February 2014.
  74.26 MW
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13.8 / 35 / 69 kV of
Distribution System to be install.
519.7 Km


13.8 / 35 / 69 kV Distribution system built
/ under construction up to February 2014.
157.7 Km


138 kV Transmission
System to be developed.
   470  Km
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