About us

There is a saying that, unless you measure your current status (also referred to as the “baseline” scenario) the probability of implementing improvements / savings is very low. In a project developed by POWER LATIN AMERICA in the oil industry in Ecuador we identified an opportunity to increase the net energy output of the country by as much as 29,000 Barrels Equivalent of Oil (BOE) per day whereby this potential would not have been identified without a “baseline scenario” study and having identified the areas of potential improvements (at US $ 50/bbl this represents > US $ 500,000,000 additional income per year). No one was aware that this “energy / oil reserve” existed until the “waste” was exposed together with the opportunities.

In an industry where energy efficiency is detrimental to the survival of a company, or in an industry where competitors continuously push the “benchmark” (such as the airline industry), industry movers and shakers continuously look for ways to create “unique selling positions” to separate themselves from the pack. Other industries on the other hand; often extractive industries such as the “upstream” in the oil industry, are not subject to a completive environment, namely; each drop of oil eventually will find its way to the market (at whatever price dictated by the market). Production facilities, pipelines, ports, etc. are essential to getting the cash flowing towards the oil companies and shareholders whereby energy efficiency key performance indicators, in today’s business environment, will not be a deal breaker. In many industries there are still no standards to which they are held accountable in terms of energy efficiency / carbon footprint per barrel of extracted oil (there is no “green oil” for which a customer is willing to pay a premium or “black oil” for which there is no market).

We at Power Latin America not only have identified opportunities for energy efficiency in various industries but have also developed technical, economical, legal, financial and contractual tools paving the way to transform “ideas” into “working solutions” creating win / win scenarios for all stakeholders (including local stakeholders, the environment, governments, investors, etc.). Finding opportunities, creating ideas, molding them into Win / Win Strategies for All (WW4A) and creating business opportunities is an art in and of itself that requires awareness, competence, integrity, empowerment and a large dose of perseverance.

At Power Latin America we have gone through the process on many occasions whereby we are ready to team up with you to identify opportunities and convert them into WW4A`s.


Engage with potential business partners / customers identifying, developing and implementing business opportunities focused on creating share (stake) holder value, growth and sustainability in a non-renewable energy environment.