Engage with potential business partners / customers identifying, developing and implementing business opportunities focused on creating share (stake) holder value, growth and sustainability in a non-renewable energy environment.

Core Objective No. 1, People: Power Latin America seeks to develop and maintain the highest performing team in the industry, thereby providing a valuable contribution to thequality of life ofits associates and personnel and the best “value for money” to its customer; giving each stakeholder a life fulfilling experience.

Core Objective No. 2, Product:  Power Latin America looks to develop and continuously evolve its product and service portfolio and communication platforms to engage and interact with its customer base with the objective to create value and positive customer experience.

Core Objectives No 3, Money: Power Latin America seeks to develop and evolve it´s business model focused on creating value and sustainability for its personnel, customers and shareholders.

To achieve the above it is not a matter of  just finding something to do but about designing and creating a road map by means of which you can make a difference in this world”.  For POWER LATIN AMERICA it is all about creating value to our customers and stakeholders reinforcing their mission and vision.

POWER LATIN AMERICA believes that the road towards “sustainability” lies in identifying untapped energy sources (some call it waste) and monetizing them; thereby creating a “win / win” scenario for all.  
To get things done we have to differentiate the following activities within the value chain:


Strategic development ranging from i) Strategic Energy Planning, ii) Business Plan with the corresponding

   Business Case, iii) Project Conceptual Design and iv) Project Development Structures.

Operational development ranging from Project Management to Project Development (actually “getting it done”).

Market and Product Development.

Due Diligence starting with asking the right questions.

Project Implementation Tools ranging from Strategic (Decision making) Tools to Operational (Control) Tools.


Let us find opportunities for you (untapped energy sources) and help you monetize them.